what happened?


We are in the year 2099 dominated by great powers and high technologies. In a bleak present and future, in a world devastated by greed, ambition and precarious environmental awareness. Faced with the imminent shortage of resources, the release of biological weapons has begun, it is for the dispute of these. This has caused the adoption of the mask O-AU99 in people who fortunately have obtained it in time. O-AU99 has the ability to clean the air before it is inhaled. Can planet earth and humanity resist?

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A father, Thomas and his daughter, Elisa who is 15 years old. They go to visit their grandparents's house, located an hour drive from their home. As guests, there are also the parents of his deceased wife, gathered for the memory of the second year since her death. At the ceremony, Thomas announces that he built a special space for his parents to live in at his home because of the current problems in the world. His parents are aware that they may need shelter and are happy to be with their granddaughter. Because of this they will prepare their things for the move the next day. Elisa decides to stay and help while Thomas goes home to prepare for his house in order to welcome his parents. On the way, about 15 minutes from Thomas's house, a loud noise is heard and a dense fog is slowly spreading. Due to this, Thomas accelerates the car to his house thoughtfully. Upon arrival, he immediately heads to his basement to prevent the worst by adjusting everything he might need with the safety of his daughter and his parents in mind. After a few minutes, he decides to go outside the house and as prevention with a gun and a gas mask. On the way out, an individual approaches asking for help, falling to his knees and bleeding everywhere. Due to this scene Thomas takes his car, loads his gun and puts on his mask to go in search of his daughter and parents. Will they be able to resist this highly dangerous attack in the area?

In the subway, the electricity needed to run the subway lines has been cut, generators are offline, and passengers are confused but aware of the trouble ahead. There is no other choice, people have to get off the subway and walk to one of the stations. Young-looking Edward, his goal is to visit the apartment where his mother and little sister reside. He is a passenger on board and the first to get off the metro-train. His concern drives him to make the decision to walk to a station, some passengers follow him and others... don't. On the way there is quite a commotion on the surface, it does not seem to be very encouraging and it causes fear in some passengers who return to the metro station to wait for the reactivation of the trains or a rescue. Edward and the few passengers have arrived at the nearest station, the electricity still off. They approach the stairs to ascend to the surface and immediately 5 soldiers appear from the stairs, they seal the entrance with explosives and a magnetic force field to repel what is out there. What is there in the streets? everyone wonders. The answer, a biological weapon capable of destroying your body within a few minutes. Edward, 7 stations from his destination, can't stop thinking about his mother and sister that he must find as soon as possible to protect them with his life.

In the south-east of Texas, hospitals have reported strange events in some people, including hair loss, strange spots on the skin and, most curiously, loss of the ability to express or understand language. These hospitals have been quarantined, the only access is for scientists and authorized military special forces. Two days ago, the president of the United States of America decreed total quarantine and deployed military force in the streets in the face of suspected biological attacks in Texas. In 2 days the quarantine has caused murders towards citizens who did not comply with the orders by the military special forces. Currently the streets are empty, there are only authorized forces and much, much panic. Valentine, a billionaire woman thanks to her creation of data analysis with artificial intelligence and various decentralized projects for the masses. She meets several select groups of powerful people, in which Valentine has heard "plan B" of these, which consists of traveling to the main lunar base, capable of housing up to 1 million people and where they are finalizing preparations to colonize Mars through breathable magnetic fields and a spacecraft capable of making the journey from the moon to Mars in just 1 year. What will happen on planet earth?

In a forgotten and low-income place, there is the "SHELTER30" gang with its leader Leonardo, they have a job that consists of protecting several shops from problems such as robberies and attacks. On a rainy night, the owner of an Asian food store has told Leonardo that there is a danger from which he cannot protect him and he has obtained 50 smuggled O-AU99 masks, informing Leonardo that a virus will soon arrive in the zone. The evidence is in different places that have already been quarantined and that it is a matter of time before everyone goes to hell. At that moment, Leonardo receives 20 masks to protect himself and his only family, the gang, seeing how the owner of the store of no return walks away, Leonardo takes the masks to his apartment. The next day, Leonardo hears screams in the street from his small apartment. He immediately realizes what was happening. He looks out the window and notices how a dense gas begins to knock down people screaming, bleeding from the mouth and ears. Scared, Leonardo puts on a mask, carries all the masks that he can in a large bag on his shoulders and he remembers the only family he has, his gang. He goes outside to find them at their base but finds himself surrounded by the gas and blinded by its density. At that time, between the density of the gas, an infected man pounces on him, he wants to remove Leonardo's mask, they both fall to the ground and between screams, Leonardo manages to shoot him in the head. After this, Leonardo flees the place in search of his only family. Will he manage to survive and find his gang?

Vision of the future?


The vision of the Breathe project is to be a generator of a real world in the cloud, with a stable economy, always rewarding equitably for the contributions of each participant and forgetting speculation. Also, be a social place with cutting-edge technologies and high security.


select each season, discover the steps of Breathe.






season 1


  • Limited edition pixel art nfts, 5555 units.
  • Hiring of 25 collaborators from linkedin for 1 renewable year of services.
  • Discord updates for the community.
  • Enable of staking together with our collaborators. Stable currency rewards for stakers.
  • Enable of security certification.
  • Invite new sponsors who will be partners of Breathe and they will help with the dissemination of marketing.

season 2

3d modeling

  • 3D modeling in .mp4 format. Includes the personality, outfits and movements of iconic characters in Breathe.
  • Videos developed to tell the stories of iconic characters in Breathe.
  • metaverse development at The Sandbox Game.
  • Creation of personalized avatar in 3D modeling for users in Breathe.
  • Enable of personal 3D interactive space for each avatar. Shelter construction available.
  • Enable creation of NFTs by users. Furniture, decorations and more.
  • Beginning development of game "play to earn" + metaverse. VR support. A real world online. Launch in session 5.

season 3


  • Enable marketplace for transactions such as NFTs created by users (created and acquired) and for new releases.
  • Promotional video about marketplace, NFTs created by users and new avatar clothing designs in Breathe.
  • Launch of a new collection of NFTs! clothing for Breathe avatars.
  • Development of NFTs land systems . This will be very important in Breathe.
  • Website development in 3D format. It will be an important part of the metaverse.

season 4

Land NFTs

  • Promotional video of land in Breathe, will be launched. It will show its aspects and functions.
  • Launch of NFT land! a very important moment. In this section there will be surprises.
  • Enabled 3D version of the website. Incredible navigations with VR support.
  • Analysis and increase of cyber-security in Breathe systems.
  • First user reviews in metaverse, play to earn, with support in VR (beta version)

season 5

Play to earn!

  • Promotional video about pixel art NFTs. It will show exclusive story and unique designs in img and mp4 format.
  • Launch of ultimate collection.
  • Promotional video about metaverse, play to earn. It will show gameplay, options, platform, among others.
  • Launch of the play to earn game and metaverse
  • The Breathe games events, competitive and entertainment, with recognized participants on youtube and twitch.
  • Launch of the Breathe token


What is Breathe?

Breathe is a great project, not only of NFTs but also (in season 5) of metaverse and a play to earn game. Breathe has a white paper and a rod map with all seasons that Breathe need to pass in order to arrive to the final part of the project that includes a token. And in season 1, you will have the possibility to put you Breathe NFT in staking with rewards in BUSD and ETH. But is not only that, Breathe will have a marketplace where you can buy and sell your own nfts created by yourself! In the metaverse you could create your own avatar with its shelter, you can also buy your land and some outfits and features for your avatar. So if u buy a BREATHE NFT you will be the first to have access to the game. If you want to learn more, please check the white paper.

When is the Breathe NFTs premint and public mint?

12:00PM (UTC). Public mint will be as soon as premint ends (october 3rd). If the premint is sold out before the stipulated day, the public mint will start immediately the next day at 12:00 (UTC). We will be warning via twitter and discord, stay tuned.

Is there a discord?

Yes, but for now it is something simple and it is in its initial phase, but as the season goes by, it will be updated with more options.

How can I get on the whitelist?

If you want to participate to be on the Breathe whitelist, you need to fill out a form (link is in the official website) All people that participate correctly will be in the whitelist and they can buy in an exclusive presale.

How does the whitelist work?

All people that registered in the google form with the correct data requested, they will be in the whitelist, they will have just one day to mint, if they do not mint, we will randomly select more winners, we are going to make a raffle among all those who are registered in the form and did not reach the first whitelist and we will notify them via twitter. The second winners will have one day to mint, if they don't mint, a raffle will be held again for a next whitelist. This will be repeated until the premint is sold out.

What if I don't get to be on the whitelist?

Don't worry, if someone on the whitelist doesn't buy the first day, then we'll do a new raffle of the people who fill out the form. If not, you can mint it in the public sale or buy it at Opensea.

What if I didn't get to buy in the presale (because it is sold out or if my time in whitelist is over)?

You can mint it in the public mint or buy it at Opensea.

What if some winners on the first whitelist do not mint?

If winners on the first whitelist do not mint in the pre-established period, we will randomly select more winners, we are going to make a raffle among all those who are registered in the form and did not reach the first whitelist and we will notify them via twitter and email. The winners of the first whitelist will be announced on September 13th, 2022. The second winners will have one day to mint, if they don't mint, a raffle will be held again for a next whitelist. This will be repeated until the premint is sold out.

What is the mint price?

Premint (whitelist only): 0.2 ETH Public mint: 0.23 ETH

What is the maximum mint per wallet?

Just three mints per wallet.

When will the NFTs be revealed?

The reveal will be on October 27th, 2022.

What are the funds being used for?

It will distribute like this Research and Development 25% Rewards (staking) 30% Reserve 25% Collaborators 15% founders (CEO) 5% for more details check the white paper.

How does Breathe staking work?

This first NFT release is the only collection on Breathe that will have the ability to stake. 30% of the collection of the mint will be for this objective. In addition, the royalty charge will be 10% per offshore transaction, this will go entirely to the stake. The goal is to make it sustainable in the face of NFT price fluctuations and self-sustaining in the long term.

Can I sell my Breathe NFT while it's in staking?

No, a staked Breathe NFT cannot be transferred by the usual functions.



artist & co-founder

Since Valentina was a child, she has always had a great taste in fashion and design, which is why she has always been linked to creativity and innovation. She likes to undertake, therefore studying Business Administration at the university. She is always linked to social networks, she handles them amazingly, creating content and helping others to grow.


developer & co-founder

A born businessman, he always takes risks without fear. Music and football lover. His vision as the founder of Breathe is to return to the origin of the crypto philosophy, which is the decentralization and balance of resources in its participants. His major experience is in digital business and programming.