Welcome to the BREATHE MOBILE universe! A multiplayer shooter video game for mobile devices set in space and the planet Mars. Its game modes, gameplay and graphic settings option will provide the player with a fantastic experience. Commercialization between users in the marketplace will achieve strategic friendships within the game. Delve into the project and enjoy it!

what happened?


In the year 2039, the need to start terraforming another planet has become a survival necessity for the human race. The planet earth suffers from an uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and a very high population density. Mars, the red planet, is the goal and vision of a new beginning. For 60 years, manned short voyages to Mars have brought the planet autonomous mining equipment, construction parts, smart construction equipment, and finally the construction of a scientific military base.

group of military scientists

first characters

Colonel Jake Brown

Air Force: War and transport pilot, astronaut, engineer specializing in physics and astrodynamics. 43 years old.

Captain Sonya Smith

Marine: War pilot, astronaut, AI programming and automation engineer. 34 years old.

Lieutenant Paul Connor

Army: Transport pilot, astronaut, industrial civil engineer, particle physics and cosmology. 28 years old.

detailed development


BREATHE MOBILE shares its white paper where the user will be able to know the details of the ecosystem, the roadmap, delve into its story, read as if it were an incredible video game and the help of its marketing plan to connect millions of players on mobile devices.

the innovation for the




Valentina, co-founder of the project. Experience in management of marketing teams, entrepreneurship and social networks.



Eduardo, co-founder of the project. Experience in web developer, Entrepreneurship and programming.